#ACTIVproject at the Victim Support Europe annual conference 2021

On May 20th 2021, the #ACTIVproject participated in the Victim support Europe (VSE) annual conference.

gigi guizzo, Director of EU Projects at CEPS Projectes Socials, presented together with Dr Pam Alldred, Professor at the Nottingham Trent University a number of resources from past and present projects.

This  event offered a closer look into the topic of  “Supporting victims across sectors” with the following specific programme:

Supporting Victims from the workplace

This workshop-presentation introduced practical resources developed in four EU projects across 7 European countries and available for free in 8 languages (EN, SP, FR, GR, RO, IT, EK, CA). It offered information on how to create a supportive work environment where victims feel safe to come forward (the importance of plans, protocols and awareness raising campaigns), how to detect and support victims with appropriate referral (be supportive but know your limits and seek professional help, create local support networks), and how to promote an inclusive society from and at the workplace (prevent stereotyping and further discrimination of victims).

Presentation of the resources of the projects:

  • #ACTIVproject Acting & collaborating to tackle intimate violence
  • #USVreact Universities Supporting Victims of Sexual Violence
  • #CARVEdaphne Companies against gender based violence
  • #GAPworkproject  Improving gender-related violence intervention and referral through youth practitioner training

The #USVreact project developed innovative training for university staff in a range of roles who may hear disclosures of sexual violence and must respond appropriately, and sought to embed this – and improved care pathways – within university institutions. The project began in March 2016 and ended in February 2018 with an international conference in November 2017. It was funded by the European Commission’s DG Justice, Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (DAPHNE strand) and it changed practice in 24 universities during the funding period and is still doing so now.

The ACTIV partnership, based on these and similar experiences, has noted the lack of collaboration between the different actors involved in the socio-professional (re)integration of women confronted with domestic violence. To offer women effective help, the project will facilitate the collaboration between the support and orientation structures as well as companies, who currently don’t work together on this issue. The project partners are currently co-creating a guidebook for organizations and companies.

Watch the workshop-presentation here:

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