Interactive pathway for (re)integration at work of women facing domestic violence

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Interactive pathway for (re)integration at work of women facing domestic violence
Step 5 - Follow-up and communication Step 1: Raising awareness Step 2: Covering basic needs Step 3: Remobilization Step 4: Socio-professional (re)integration programme Introduction How to use the toolkit

Step 5 - Follow-up and communication

It is not only a question of facilitating the return to the employment of women facing domestic violence. It is also necessary to help them keep their jobs (job retention). Domestic violence is not a private matter. Violence has an impact on work. In this sense, companies can offer a safe place, where women can talk about their problems and find resources.

The ACTIV project aims to support companies and strengthen their involvement in providing a welcoming environment for employees facing domestic violence. We want to help companies to develop an action plan: communication, training of employees, development of measures such as geographical and time flexibility are practices that can be put in place by companies.

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Step 1: Raising awareness

Domestic violence is not only present in the private sphere. It affects all of us. Yet, stereotypes about women survivors of this type of violence still persist. This is why it is so important to promote a women focus perspective, which puts women and their experience in the centre. It is also vital to improve tools to be able to acknowledge and identify women survivors of this type of violence and thus be able to approach and be supportive to them in their process.

ACTIV project aims to raise awareness of the information available providing companies and field workers with tools to be implemented in their daily practice. Companies play an essential role in the reinsertion of women survivors. Thus, it is fundamental to promote more cooperation and synergies between field actors to create more job opportunities.

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Step 2: Covering basic needs

In order to make a fresh start in life and look to the future, women need to cover their basic needs and know their rights. They need to know that there are specialised social services to accommodate them and their children. The challenges are to ensure women's safety, privacy and anonymity, and to provide a caring and supportive environment.

The ACTIV project aims to raise awareness among field workers and companies, so that they can understand the particular experiences, always putting the women at the centre. Each case of domestic violence has its own particularities and the environment must be flexible, caring and understanding. Women must have access to comprehensive support, safe shelter, free psychological counselling, medical assistance and legal support. Free access for children to crèche, kindergarten or school is also important to have time to have a job.

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Step 3: Remobilization

Women facing domestic violence have lost their confidence in themselves and in the world around them. They have lost their bearings and are very often isolated. Assessing themselves on a CV and selling themselves at an interview can seem insurmountable. So, before developing a professional project, these women need to regain their self-esteem and their confidence in others.

The ACTIV project aims to give tools to those working in the field and to companies so that they can listen to the women, accept their words and above all believe them. Later, when the women are ready, those involved can think about support and the construction of places where they can exchange with each other and acquire new skills. Field workers and companies can promote remobilisation by organising empowerment workshops. For example, giving them the means to express their opinion, teaching them to manage a budget, self-defence activities, etc.

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Step 4: Socio-professional (re)integration programme

Supporting women victims of violence in their professional projects means giving them the opportunity to achieve professional fulfilment and regain sustainable financial independence.

The ACTIV project aims to offer an innovative support programme for these women, which will be implemented by local players and companies. Through orientation, learning professional codes, creating tools (CV, LM), searching for training or preparing for interviews: these women regain control of their lives. We support them in their dream of a professional life and guide them step by step to achieve this goal.

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