Guidebook underscoring key milestones of a successful return-to-work path

The objective of this guidebook is to define a common framework that includes the key steps of the (re)employment process of women confronted with domestic violence. This should enable a coordinated accompaniment of the women concerned on their return-to-work path.

Therefore, the research for this guidebook aims at:

  • Identifying the factors of risk and success of the support, orientation and socio-professional (re-)integration process of women confronted with domestic violence;
  • Underscoring and exemplifying these indicators through model practices and testimonies.

To gather relevant information, the ACTIV project partners from Belgium, France, Romania and Spain, have in a first phase researched country and EU specific legal frameworks. In a second phase, they are gathering with country specific questionnaires input from orientation structures (e.g. formation centers, work organisms, etc.), support structures (e.g. shelters, specialised associations, counselling associations, etc.), companies and organisations who have implemented actions supporting women confronted with DV.

This information will help to define the indicators of success and of risk for a successful return-to-work path for women exiting situations of DV.