#CEASEproject – Involve companies to cease gender-based violence

The CEASE project (2017-2019) aimed to create an additional front line in the battle against intimate partner violence. It targeted companies as actors with an important capacity to multiply the effects of positive actions, thanks to their significant leadership in society and their large mobilization capacity.

The CEASE project achieved the following:

  • Create the first European Corporate Network of organizations involved to cease domestic violence
  • Build and facilitate a training module for companies’ HR and managers
  • Define a European Impact map presenting local, national and international organizations supporting victims
  • Raise awareness on this subject and disseminate the project’s achievements at a European scale

The CEASE project, co-funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship of the European Commission and managed by FACE, CSR Hellas, Pour la Solidarité & DIESIS.

+info https://cease-project.eu/

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